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Monday, September 09, 2019

Return to Blogging

Cross posting to the Personal Reflections and New England Australia blogs.

Well, I am now in Armidale. I still don't have the internet working properly, that requires connecting to the NBN, but can access the internet using a hot spot created on the mobile. This is potentially very expensive, but meets my immediate needs.

After such a long delay in blogging, the move was creating distractions and delays long before the intensive move period, traffic to my blogs has declined greatly. I have to rebuild and that will take time.

I will write about the move, after all it has been a big and all consuming one, but for the moment I simply want to record that I am back blogging.

I look forward to a return to regular posting, to the on-going conversation with blogging friends old and hopefully new!


Hels said...

Has there been an NBN stuff up in your area?

Johnb said...

May you settle in comfortably Jim, assembling the new structures of life takes time. I just hop Armidale doesn’t run out of water now you have arrived, there isn’t a lot about.

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Hels and John. Sorry for the long delay.

No, Hels, the problem lies in the ISP combined with my own inexperience! I am settling in well, John. water is tight, but we will be fine!