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Sunday, June 10, 2007

New England Dictionary of Biography - M

Note to readers: This is one of a series of pages that I am creating to provide a reference list of people with New England connections.

Initially the references will be fairly fragmentary, linking especially to my own posts. My hope is that in time it will provide the base for a true New England Dictionary of Biography. You will find a complete list of pages here.

Massey, Robert George 1815-1853. Commissioner Crown Lands. Mid North Coast, Macleay Valley, New England Tablelands. Here.

Murray, Les. Poet. Mid North Coast. One of Australia's most famous poets, Les Murray was born at Bunyah on the North Coast and has now returned there. His early life and influences have had a significant impact on his poetry. Here, here

Murray, Patrick Desmond Fitzgerald 1900-1967. Academic. University of New England. Here.

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