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Saturday, April 19, 2008

New England's Aborigines - Reference Page

I have established this page as an entry point for material on the life and history of New England's Aboriginal peoples. At this stage, there are two ways of accessing material.

New England's Aborigines - Stocktake on Posts provides a consolidated overview of posts written about New England's Aboriginal peoples. Note that as at 9 May 2009, this needs updating.

Then there are the entry pages that I have begun establishing for each of the language groups within New England. At present, they are:

  • the Awabakal who occupied the territory from the southern edge of the lower Hunter River and included Lake Macquarie.
  • the Anaiwan or Nganyaywana who occupied the southern part of the Tablelands
  • the Dainggatti, the Aboriginal peoples of the Macleay Valley
  • the Kamilaroi from the Western Slopes and Plains
  • the Ngarabal or Ngoorabul who occupied the northern part of the Tablelands

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