Discussions on the history and historiography of Australia's New England

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Austlang - information on Australia's Aboriginal languages

The Austlang data base is a very good source for those wanting to find information on particular Aboriginal languages. You can search by name if you already know this, or by area if you want to find what language may have been spoken there.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New England Australia History Research Report July/early August 2009

I have been bogged down and not able to post. Just a brief update on my thinking.

In The Australian Aborigines - problems with personal perceptions I reported on a shift in my thinking brought about by a discussion with an Aboriginal colleague. I extended this discussion somewhat in "Wild blacks" and other interesting things.

Following my visit to Canada, A Belshaw family photo marked the another stage in my interest in Belshaw family history.I followed this with Saturday Morning Musings - more on the Belshaws. The Belshaws themselves are one small thread in New England's history.

In Saturday Morning Musings - Aboriginal languages and the return of Kamilaroi I returned to my musings on Aboriginal New England. This was followed by Sunday Essay - language, history and Australia's First Peoples and then A note on New England's Aboriginal languages.

In Memories of Jimmy Sharman's Boxing Stadium I looked at one aspect of the New England experience from a personal perspective.

Sunday Essay - church, state and social change in Australia and Belshaw’s World: Views of a past world – Barool, Treefield and Highcliffe took me in a different direction, an exploration of some aspects of the religious experience within New England.

Train Reading - Keith Leopold's Came to Booloominbah dealt with another aspect of the New England experience.This led me to write Getting balance (and interest) in New England's history.

Finally, Armidale Air Show 1959 is just a note.