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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New England Dictionary of Biography - a project note

Well, I have now made a little progress in my long held plan to try to create something approaching an embyro New England Dictionary of Biography.

The trigger to act was a stocktake post that I was doing on previous posts on writers with New England connections. I decided that I would create NEDB pages at the same time. It took me many hours just to record names from the first two posts on writers, stalling the stocktake in the process. Still, I have at least made a start.

Given limited time, it will be a long while before the NEDB is of any use as a real resource, but I console myself with the thought that even an entry a week means 150 names over three years.

Now that I have made a start on NEDB I should also do something about the time-line project, creating an initial structure to give me an incentive to add key dates as I go along.

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