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Monday, January 21, 2008

Armidale's Aborigines - a note

Short note to record two references that I found relevant to the writing that I am presently doing on the Dainggatti.

The story in Dawn on the move by the Moran family, a well known Armidale name, into a house in town provides a snap shot from 1967.

Then a historical piece from Armidale City Council on buildings and subdivisions contains a fair bit of historical material relevant to Armidale's Aboriginal community.


Caroline said...

Hi Jim,

I have been busy with my research up here, compiling an index of the Aboriginal people living in New England up until 1956. Have the index of the Anglican Parish Registers online with more to come at my new website www.armidalehistory.com Cheers, Caroline

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Caroline. I will bring your comment up as a full post so that people can find the site.