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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Grafton Steam Navigation Company - William the Fourth

Illustration: William the Fourth 1831-1868

WILLIAM THE FOURTH 54 tons. Lbd: 74' x 15'6" x 7'. Wooden paddle steamer, 2 masts built by Marshall & Lowe on the Williams River at Clarencetown New South Wales. Of passenger capacity. Engine manufactured by Fawcett of Liverpool England. First owner J H Grose of Sydney. Was the first ocean going steamship built in Australia in 1831. June 1839 owned by Brisbane Water Steam Packet Co. September 1839 of General Steam Navigation Co. 1842 of Edye Manning & others. November 1843 of James Byrnes, Parramatta. February 1844 of John Dobbie & D Bloxome (possibly trustees of for the Twofold Bay Pastoral Co). October 1850 of William M Manning & A B Spark. 1853 lengthened to be 77 tons and Lbd: 86' x 14'8" x 8'2". 1857 of the Grafton Steam Navigation Co. June 1858 (supposedly) owned outright by W M & Edye Manning. February 1860 of the Illawarra Steam Navigation Co. 1863 saw sent sent abroad to China where she was puchased in 1864, and operated by A Ellissen & Co., on the Shanghai - Ningpo route. Laid up towards end of December 1868 she was despatched to Japan. Records end.


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