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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

History of New England's National Parks - Mount Kaputah

With the exception of the link inserted in the text, the following material is drawn directly from the NSW State Archives agency record for the Mount Kaputar National Park Trust.

"Mount Kaputar National Park is located between Narrabri, Barraba and Bingara.

In 1925 an area of 775 hectares around Mt Kaputar was proclaimed a Reserve for Public Recreation with the Narrabri Shire Council apparently appointed as Trustee of the area. (1)

Two years later Narrabri Shire Council passed control over to the Mount Kaputar Trust, which was a group of very interested and dedicated local people. This group gave advice and guidance on management issues within the reserve. (2)

In 1959 the reserve became Mount Kaputar National Park but remained under the management of the Trust. (3)

In 1967 the Mount Kaputah National Park was permanently reserved as a national park under section 15 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1967 (Act No.35, 1967). The park was then described as containing about 35, 200 acres in the Counties of Courallie, Jamison, Murchison and Nandewar, Parishes of Bombell, Terrergee, Cowinmangarah, Paleroo, Rusden, Coryah and Ningadhun. (4) In 1967 the park (then 14,244 acres) came under control of the newly-established National Parks and Wildlife Service. A regional advisory committee now gives advice and guidance. (5)

On 31 January 1969 a further 6,290 acres 2 roods and 20 perches in the County of Nandewar, Parish Rusden were reserved as an addition to the Mount Kaputar National Park. (6) On 5 December 1969 a further 100 acres in the County of Nandewar, Parish Rusden were reserved as an addition to the Park. (7)


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