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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

History blogs 1

While this blog focuses on New England history, I have been thinking for a while that I should broaden it a little to include references to other history blogs that I enjoy. This will also help keep me reading more widely.

To this end, I have created a history section in my favourite blog's list, and thought that I should share some of this with you on an irregular basis. So here goes round one.

Rachel Leow's a historian’s craft looks at history especially from a South East Asian perspective. She writes very well and has, I think, a reasonably large following. Her post quotables, & contortions about racial thinking deals with an issue that I struggle with - labels and the way they acquire a life of their own, the problems in dealing with them.

The Edge of the American West is a group blog with a North American perspective that mixes history with, among other things, current events.

Christopher Moore is a leading Canadian historian.  His Christopher Moore's Canadian History contains short posts with a mix of history and current events, generally with some historical overlay. I find his links very helpful.

History Today on-line is the blog for this now long standing magazine, long standing enough for me to have read it at school!  It is full of entertaining tit bits.

Finally, I mentioned Janine Rizzeti's blob, The Resident Judge of Port Phillip, in my last post, Setting Australian history in context. This is another very well written blog with an especial focus on the Australian early colonial period, extending into broader topics such as the writing of history itself.

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