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Friday, July 09, 2010

Round the history blogs 5 - the emperor's electric chair

Christopher Moore's History News pointed me to a new site, History of Canada On-line. I would love to have the time and money to do something equivalent for New England history.

Staying with Canadian history, Barbara Martin's My Town Monday - Samuel B Steele - Twenty Miles For A Drink continues the story of Samuel Steele. You can follow the full story through via the links at the bottom of this post. Now that I have become involved with Canadian history, I remain amazed at the differences from Australia.  

The Heritage Futures Research Centre at the University of New England has kindly included my blogs including this one on it's membership page

Over on the New England Australia blog I have continued to run a range of stories on New England issues, many of which have a history component. One thing that has been fun is that the new interest in New England self-government has also increased the interest in New England history.  

Geoff Robinson's Labor, Communism and the Accord discusses (in part) the role of the Communist Party in Labor/left-wing politics. On a different topic and in another country, Backroads continues its irregular exploration of the history of New Zealand's Northland. Staying in New Zealand, Timespanner continues its journey through Avondale, Auckland and NZ history.

This month's History Carnival is hosted on Jonathon Dressner's World History. As you might expect, there is again a wide variety of posts. Of all the posts, I was especially struck by The Emperor’s electric chair. It really is worth a browse. 

All for now.

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