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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

History of the New England media

Back in July on the New England Australia blog, Formation of the Armidale Newspaper Company was just as the name says. Another post, 1926 Murulla Train Disaster, dealt with the train crash referred to in the first post.

I mention them here not just because they are history, but because my reading has been taking me back in a general sense to the history of the New England media.

Just at present, I am reading M G Vincent's The Vincent Printers (Ruse Publishing, Campbelltown, 1980). The book is subtitled An abridged account of three generations of printers and their newspapers.
The Vincent family is one of New England's best known newspaper families. Their story is the story of the rise but also, to a degree, the fall of the smaller mastheads.The Uralla Times now exists only as part of the Armidale Express. The Tingha Miner is long gone.
Over the next few weeks, I am going to add a few posts just to fill in some gaps in my own mind to the story of the media. I will add a list of posts here for a central record, including past relevant posts.

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