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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bogged down in writing

I am still bogged down in writing my Armidale paper and indeed well behind on that! I have lots of material on social change in New England in the period 1950-2000, so there is a selection issue. Then, when I come to look at the material, I find the inevitable gaps!

In Difficulties & opportunities in New England's history, I said that the interesting challenge just at the moment was how to balance local, regional, national and global. That remains the case.

The first part of the paper simply sketches some of the changes over the period. I then plan to take several main themes for more detailed examination.

Length is one problem, of course. I am trying to fit a lot into a short space without overburdening listener or reader too much. I also want it to be interesting!

Later, I will post some of the supporting material here for reference purposes.

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