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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Explorations through the early days of tertiary education in Australia's New England

This post provides a consolidated list of posts exploring the early days of tertiary education in New England to make it easier for readers to follow the story through in order.

The first tertiary institution was St John's Theological College founded in 1898 by Bishop Arthur Vincent Green to train future Anglican clergy.

In May 1926, the College was relocated from Armidale to Morpeth in the Hunter Valley. The story of the College is outlined in a 2014 post, History revisited – college a capital idea.

While the College's loss was a significant one from an Armidale perspective, its presence had added to the city’s reputation as an education centre, aiding the foundation of the Teacher’s College in 1928.

This College was the first major Australian higher education institution established outside a capital city.

Starting in March 2017, I explored the College's early  days in a series of eight Armidale Express columns later posted here:
I had intended to continue the series into the early days of the New England University College (founded 1938) but decided after eight consecutive columns that it was better to break the series into two parts. I will add the next series here once complete.

A note on sources

I normally don't include sources with the columns. However, I will add sources here in due course so that those who are interested can follow up.


Hels said...

My husband went to high school in Sydney where most government schools were sex segregated. Then he did Medicine in Sydney where most students were male. All his 1950s and early 1960s photos look the same as your photo, only slobbier.

In Melbourne I had only heard of one government school that was divided: Melbourne Boys' High and MacRob Girls' High School.

Jim Belshaw said...

You made me laugh, Hels. Like the slobbier bit! If you go to this post in the series -http://newenglandhistory.blogspot.com.au/2017/04/the-armidale-teachers-college-opens-for.html - you will find a photo with girls. That first ATC intake was 33 girls, 30 boys.