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Friday, March 02, 2018

Terry Crowley and the story of the Anaiwan Aboriginal language

Last year I wrote a series of columns in the Armidale Express on Terry Crowley and the Anaiwan language spoken on the southern parts of the New England Tablelands.

The language was something of a mystery to linguists because it did not seem to be related to other Aboriginal languages. It was Crowley as a young postgraduate student who cracked at least part of the mystery by showing that it was related to coastal languages.

Moves are now underway to revive the language, something I covered briefly on Wednesday on my New England Australia blog in Australian National Indigenous Languages Convention - a New England perspective. There are two Facebook pages, one on the Anaiwan Language revival program itself, a second Friends of the Anaiwan Language Revival Program designed for non-Anaiwan people who want to support the campaign.

 The stories I wrote for the Express are on-line on this blog, but I thought that it would be helpful if I gathered them in a single place to make it easier to follow the story through. The columns are;

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