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Thursday, June 21, 2018

UNE Humanities Weekly seminars on-line

In an earlier post, New England Travels: journeys through space and time, I posted a paper that I had delivered in the University of New England Humanities seminar series.

One of my frustrations in living away from Armidale is that I cannot get to the seminars on a regular basis. As you know my primary historical focus is on New England, but I'm always interested in what other people are doing and in other fields as well. It stops me becoming blinkered.

I mention this now because the University is making all the seminars available as podcasts including the discussion. The sound quality is a little variable, but not enough to be a significant problem. Four years of seminars are on-line, with seminars added generally the week after they have been delivered. You will find the full set here.

I am working my way through the whole series, starting with the ones in which I have the most immediate interest. You might like to have a browse.


Johnb said...

Serendipitously I was able to attend the Wndy Beck Seminar this morning Jim, followed by a visit to Armidale’s best kept secret the Museum of Antiquities. What an outstanding collection it is both in the quality of the artefacts and their presentation. We then progressed to NERAM for lunch and the Hinton exhibition arriving via Marsh Street strangely enough. As a final fillip we then popped out of town to find the Suamarez homestead, missing the Airport turn first time due to the ongoing roadworks. We actually found ourselves at the Shearing Sheds instead and was quite shocked at the state of the pasture, I knew further West was in trouble but Armidale is as dry as a bone, quite a shock after the green of the coast and the Dorrigo. Armidale’s temperature this evening was a mild 2.5C with the usual mist/fog of the morning to come.

Jim Belshaw said...

Morning John. I'm sorry I missed Wendy's paper, but the podcast is already on line! so I can watch over the weekend. I am hoping to fill in gaps and check my own thinking

It sounds like you had a great visit! Armidale is dry. Like you, I was a bit shocked after the coast.