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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New England Airways - History PhD student wanted

Photo: Keith Virtue, New England Aviation pioneer

I need a PhD student!

One of the problems all postgraduate students in history face is defining a topic that will interest them while getting them a degree. Well, I have a topic.

I would love to see someone write the history of New England Airways. Not only will this get you a PhD, but it will almost certainly give you a base for a very good book!


Anonymous said...

im 50 years old ,married.i have a bachelors degree in history from brown university in providence rhode island usa.how would this enterprise be possible? have you arranged for your aspirant to be a phd candidate at the university of new england?(i´ve always wanted a tee shirt from that school because virtually no yanks know where "new england"is).p.s. family history (anecdotal)has it that "mt.mulligan"in qns.is named after our relative.my dad (passed on at 87 in 1999)told of prewar contact with that branch of the family&of a daughter being presented at the governor general´s ball (debutante?)1n 1937.somewhere in my 10 thousand book collection i have a history book on qns.shewing a mulligan (presumably a relative)as a leader of the anti chinese party in the sunshine state (circa 1890´s).i´m half eligible for "wog-o-rama"as my mom (god bless her dear departed soul)was italian american.(i mention this in case you dont like dagoes)

Jim Belshaw said...

Hi Ivory. No, I did not have anything organised. Rather, I was just trying to attract interest. Interesting comments on your family.