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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New England Dictionary of Biography - B

Note to readers: This is one of a series of pages that I am creating to provide a reference list of people with New England connections.

My hope is that in time it will provide the base for a true New England Dictionary of Biography. You will find a complete list of pages here.

Buzo, Alex. New England writer. New England Tablelands. Born in Sydney, Alex was educated in Armidale at The Armidale School before escaping back to Sydney. While Alex loved Sydney life, he retained his links to Armidale. Posts here, here, here.

Buzo, Zihni. New England engineer. New England Tablelands. Father of Alex Buzo. Born in Albania, Zhini came to Armidale to work on the Oakey hydro scheme, becoming actively involved in various water development proposals. While he subsequently travelled around the world on various UN mission, Armidale remained his home base. Posts here.

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