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Friday, November 06, 2015

Updated History blog list

I have now completed editing my current history blog list page. Each entry should now open in a new window. If you have a history blog or know of one that you think should be included, please email me at ndarala(at)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au.


Hels said...

Cool list. I also enjoy:

Timespanner http://timespanner.blogspot.com.au/

Unmitigated England http://unmitigatedengland.blogspot.com.au/

The Lothians http://the-lothians.blogspot.com.au/

Adrian Yekkes http://adrianyekkes.blogspot.com.au/

Your Brisbane Past and Present http://www.yourbrisbanepastandpresent.com/ and

Think Shop http://www.pauldoolan.com/

Jim Belshaw said...

Thanks, Hels. Appreciated. I have added your suggestions to the list.

Hels said...


I am hosting the February 2016 History Carnival. I shall expect some wonderful nominations of individual history posts from your own blog or from others, before 31/1/2016 :)


Jim Belshaw said...

Do you know, Hels, I had actually forgotten the Carnival? That was remiss of me. Will see what I can do.