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Sunday, November 15, 2009

New England's History - most popular posts 3

It is just over one year since I last posted on the most popular posts on this blog. Time to resume.

By far the most popular post, as it was in July and November 2008, was Geography of New England - Introduction. I suspect that part of the reason for this is that those interested in the US's New England are also attracted.

I put this post up on November 2006, so it's quite old. Given it's continuing popularity, I need to add to it links to later writing to give the visitor a better guide.

The next most popular was the archive for March 2008. I have no idea which of the small number of posts in that month attracted interest.

Then came three equal posts.

The first was a search term that I did not understand, http://newenglandhistory.blogspot.com/?expref=next-blog, that brought up a number of posts.  The second was the Anaiwan or Nganyaywana entry page, another post that requires up-dating to bring in later work. The third post was Hunter Valley Aboriginal Groups. This post, too, requires an update.

After a short gap came another geography post, Geography of New England - Impact of Great Dividing Range, a post that was in the top three in my last update.

This was followed by two further posts, How fast do horses travel? and then New England Australia - Karuah River and Great Lakes catchment map. How fast do horses travel? has featured in the top posts in all three updates, so there is again a consistent pattern.

Given the continuing interest I have decided to start my updates with the introductory geography post to give visitors a little greater value for their time.

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